A.I. on the Jobsite

Thursday March 28, 2019

"As artificial intelligence becomes more prevalent and accessible, we see it playing a large role in more industries. The construction industry can now detect hazards, prevent accidents, and lower incident rates with the help of AI tool Smartvid."

Brandon Peabody | bpeabody@peabodyinc.com

Software company Smartvid recently announced the results of a three-year case study to test its artificial intelligence (AI) platform in the construction industry. By the end of the study, Smartvid found that the system correctly predicted 1 in 5 safety incidents with over 80 percent accuracy.

The AI system used a concept called machine learning to improve its ability to identify objects and patterns that humans often fail to notice. During the study, a contracting firm provided Smartvid with 10 years’ worth of photos and project data. Then, this data was fed into the system so it could learn the signs of common risk exposures.

According to Smartvid, its AI system and other predictive analytics platforms can help save construction companies millions of dollars every year, as the average safety incident costs employers over $30,000. The company also announced a partnership with nine other major construction companies to help develop its AI system and reduce hazards across the industry.