The Future of Insurance Sales is Here!

Monday April 11, 2022

"Peabody Insurance Agency is excited to announce that Kate Peabody has graduated number one in the national sales program PaceSetter."

The PaceSetter sales program is one of the largest and longest running training program for insurance producers. The interview process to be accepted is rigorous, but the results are undeniable. Pacesetter graduates have a 200% success rate over other insurance producers. This program provides insurance producers with the knowledge and guidance to give expert advice which helps clients with making better purchasing decisions.

Peabody Insurance has required new producers to be accepted into the program prior to hire since 2018. “We have found that Pacesetter graduates better serve our clients because of the high set expectations and their exposure to other insurance agents from around the country” says Grace Peabody Ljoljic, President.

Kate Peabody is one of a few dozen over the last 25 years to be considered a top producer, and the Peabody Insurance team has benefited from Kate’s unique approach.

“When I started at Peabody Insurance, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to advise clients and reach my goals alone” says Kate Peabody. “I grew up playing sports and have always been a team player, and I decided to take the same strategy to insurance. Peabody Insurance has a team of experts in many different segments – property management, construction, distributors and manufacturing for example. I decided to use a team approach for all of my clients and bring in the insurance experts that would best serve each customer.”

Since the day Peabody Insurance was founded, they have used a unique four step approach called the Risk Reduction Process. This is a proven method to lower client’s total cost of risk and improve the bottom line for their businesses. “It is exciting to see Kate creatively use our process and team approach to grow our business” says Dave Lucas, Partner.

Peabody Insurance currently has 26 team members, and they anticipate hiring more team members in the first part of 2022. With the growth goals the team has planned; they are sure to be a top employer in the local community!