Questions on Your Personal Insurance? Meet our experienced Account Managers!

Wednesday March 16, 2016

JimEdited600px"Across every industry people are asked to get more done, faster, and with less resources. We understand that this is a lot to ask out of an individual, which is why our agency created an organizational structure that allows this to be accomplished. Meet our Personal lines service team – Tonya & Bridget." Jim Peabody | At Peabody Insurance our Personal Lines Department operates a little differently. We realize that between client meetings and community events our sales agents are frequently out of the office, which means they may not always be there when you call with a question.  This is why we have created the tiered team structure. It allows our sales agents the flexibility they need to meet daily demands, while ensuring your immediate questions and concerns are always answered. Meet our Personal Lines Account Managers; Tonya and Bridget – Tonya and Bridget each have over a decade of experience in the industry and are fully licensed agents. They are the real heroes of our office! When you have a claim, question, or change in coverage Tonya and Bridget are available to help you with the process, and ensure your concerns are handled efficiently and expertly. How the Tiered System Works Once our sales agents complete the coverage analysis, our Account Managers are fully briefed on your account and will reach out to you to introduce themselves. With years of experience, process expertise, and great relationships with carriers, our Account Managers are the best point of contact for any of your coverage questions. Each year our sales agents and Account Managers will work together to review your account and will contact you with any changes or recommendations. Call us today, 810.629.1504, to learn more about our team and receive a free coverage analysis and quote!