Surf Safe

Monday May 19, 2014

Wendy600px“Studies show that 64% of emails sent are spam. This great poster shows you things to look for to be sure you aren’t opening damaging emails.” Wendy Light | Surf Safe: Tricks to Recognize Spam Emails Uses Scare Tactics
  • Threatens to delete your account
  • Sets an unreasonable timeline - you must reply by tomorrow
Asks for Too Much Information
  • No reputable company will ask for you Social Security number, birth date, bank account number or credit card number in an email.
Asks for Money
  • Especially money that can't be tracked, like cash or a traveler's check
Makes an Offer You Can't Resist
  • You've won our $1,000.000 sweepstakes
Feels a Little Off
  • Doesn't refer to you by name
  • Typos in the text
  • Sender address is unfamiliar or has unusual mix of numbers and words
Symantec Study Shows:
  • 64% of emails sent each day around the world are spam
Click on the link below to download this useful poster surf safe poster